Decent sleep guidelines

The way we feel everyday depends greatly on quality of our sleep. On average people require around 8 hours of sleep (7.5-8.5), but there's no fixed time for everyone, if you feel sleepy during the day, or stay long in bed in weekends you may be sleep deprived (but you may be oversleeping as well). Here's some advice on improving your sleep.
1. Don't drink too much alcohol, it may help you relax and fall asleep, but will reduce the depth of your sleep, as well as may cause you to snore, because of its muscle relaxing ability, and that will cause rather unrefreshing sleep. Smoking cigarettes causes lining of your nose and throat swell up, which inreases the chance of snoring as well.
2. Try not drinking caffeine containing drinks, as well as smoking cigarettes in the evening. Both the products are likely to keep you awake as they stimulate adrenaline secretion and activate the brain.
3. Eat lightly in the evenings, bigger meals about 3 hours before going to bed, when your digestive system is not working hard it will be easier for you to relax and fall asleep. But don't get to bed hungry.
4. Spend some time relaxing in dim lights or darkeness before going to sleep rather then watching exciting TV programme. Melatonin, hormone that helps you fall asleep is produced when it's dark. It's also important that the room you're sleeping in is dark and quiet, and not too warm as well.
5. I think that very important is to get regular, that meens going to sleep and waking up at the same times everyday. Relax before going to sleep (like taking a bath or listening to music, if you are religious you can pray).
6. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night get up and read in a dim light until you feel sleepy again. When you wake up in the morning get up and don't lie in bed!
7. Avoid exercising after 18, as generally speaking exercises are good for your health, they may keep you too active when performed very late.
8. Use bed only for sleeping and sex, don't watch TV, work or use laptops in bed!
I hope all or some of these guidelines will help you start new life with healthier sleep. Wish you even better mornings!

Virtual hip replacement

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An antibiotic is a drug that is used to kill or prevent the growth of bacteria. They have no effect against viruses or fungal infections. Their effectiveness vary widely on various types of bacteria (some antibiotics are good only for certain types of bacteria, a "strong" one may not be effective in some infections). Possible side effects are varied, and range from fever and nausea to major allergic reactions, (one of the more common is diarrhea). Common forms of antibiotic misuse include failure to take the entire prescribed course of the antibiotic, or failure to rest, usually because the patient feels better, but before the infecting organism is completely eradicated. Another common mistake of this would be the use of antibacterials for viral infections such as the common cold. These practices can result in antibiotic resistance in which the bacteria survive the shortened treatment and the antibiotics no longer act on them (and we need to pay large amounts of money to look for new ones).

AIDS - less known facts.

AIDS is a collection of symptoms and infections caused by immune deficiency due to HIV virus infection. It can lead to death but does not have to! The treatment that medicine currently has in hand is very effective - lets patients live for many years and even reduces number of virus to the level it can not be detected. Unfortunatelly there are some serious side effects of the drugs, and some types of the virus are resistant to the treatment. Medication and following certain procedures during pregnancy and delivery can also greatly minimize risk of child getting infected. Even after accidental exposure to virus (e.g. dirty needle in a park, nurses) early after-contact treatment reduces to minimum the risk of infection. I'm affraid in the nearest future the scientists won't be able to produce vaccine that protects us against the infection, but there are works on vaccine that will help our immune system fight the virus once we're infected. Stay healthy!


Have you ever wondered what IT is? One in four people get's it, one in five dies because of it! I'm sure you're aware of the fact that human body is composed of little elements called cells. The cells divide, die or simply do what they need to do. Sometimes during the division or life of the cell something gets wrong (the cell mutates), but we have different control mechanisms (including immune system) that usually lead this "faulty" cell to it's death. But some of the mutated cells get out of control and start to multiply very fast so that, after a time, they form tumour and spread to other parts of the body. When the disease is advanced - it's lethal. Usually the faster diagnosis, the bigger chances to cure. Time is life, don't waste it!


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It is a disease of meninges (thin layers that cover your brain) caused by microorganisms, mainly bacteria. The symptoms are: headache, vomiting, stiffness of neck, fever, sight sensitive for light and others less common. If this appears, the patient should immediately go to hospital, because untreated disease can lead to death. We have vaccines for some of the possible agents causing meningitis (against Haemophilus influenzae, Neisseria meningitidis and Streptococcus pneumoniae -Pneumovax). It should be given to young children, the older and people having immune system deficiency.


The abbreviation ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Children have difficulties with concentration and seem to move all the time. Is it dangerous? It can lead to problems in school and relations with others, but nothing more than that. It is considered non-curable neurological disease but some patients are able to control their symptoms over time, without the use of medication. For others there are different kinds of treatment that usually combine psychotherapy and medication. Most commonlly used drugs are: Methylphenidate (better known by the names Ritalin and Concerta), Amphetaminess (Adderall), dextroamphetamines (Dexedrine) and bupropion.

Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS)

Thank to Marry I'll try to explain this term :) Acute Coronary Syndrome is state in which heart receives not enough blood and oxygen and suffers causing symptoms such as pain in chest and shortness of breath. This is a severe condition that needs to be treated in hospital. The treatment is based on further examinations such as ECG, blood test and coronary catheterization. Generally patient should rest and take drugs prescribed by doctor: aspirin, nitroglicerin and call an ambulance. ACS is divided into 3 groups: unstable angina and miocardial infarction (without or with ST-elevation in ECG). Please ask if sth is unclear or want to know more. I'll be happy to explain :)

New Epidemic?

Yesterday my friend asked me in a bus if he could "catch sepsis" by touch. The question was due to couple cases of sepsis that were lately reported in newspapers. First of all, by definition, sepsis (or septicaemia) is a condition that is caused by response of your immune system to a severe infection. So, you can NOT get sepsis by touching someone (and any different way), but you can catch an infection causing sepsis even from someone that suffers from a very mild one, because it's the response of the body to the infection that leads to this very severe state including shock and multiple organ dysfunction.

Grandfather's Day

Prostate is a name for a gland that every male has. Sometimes, especially when you are over 50 it can grow a bit bigger and cause difficulties with urination. It is usually a benign process (not dangerous or likely to cause death) but requires drugs or surgery to remove part of the organ. Other diseases are prostatitis (mainly infections) and prostate cancer. One of the first examinations performed is DRE (digital rectal examination) in which a physician puts finger (gloved nad lubricated;) into your anus and touches the insides; apart from prostate this examination can also reveal rectum cancer or other tumours, so you shouldn't be against it.

Additionally I can say, that prostate massage can be used for sexual stimulation, palpation itself can lead to an orgasm.


I strongly belive in modern medicine. I belive people can help other people. That was my aim, when I decided on studying medicine, as it is now. Some time ago I noticed a fact that people often want to understand different medical problems, but doctors have no time, no will or simply no communicative skills to explain ordinary people what their disease is, what the result of examination mean etc. So I'll try and put in simple words all the difficult terms you may encounter, I'll try to help YOU understanding your problems. Even if you are perfectly healthy there can be something you would like to know. So please, ASK!