I strongly belive in modern medicine. I belive people can help other people. That was my aim, when I decided on studying medicine, as it is now. Some time ago I noticed a fact that people often want to understand different medical problems, but doctors have no time, no will or simply no communicative skills to explain ordinary people what their disease is, what the result of examination mean etc. So I'll try and put in simple words all the difficult terms you may encounter, I'll try to help YOU understanding your problems. Even if you are perfectly healthy there can be something you would like to know. So please, ASK!


Konrad said...

That`s a great idea!
Do it the best as you can!
Best regards!

owieczka said...

I encounter a poem that somehow reminds me of the ideas that you explore my friend:
'...The question, O me!so sad, so recurring-What good amid these, O me. O life?
That you are here-that life exsists and identity, That the powerful play goes on, and you ay contrbute a verse.'

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you will really answer this but I'm taking any shot I can find these days, as I have no health insurance. Anyway, for the last 2 weeks or so I have had severe bone pain, with sharp burning pains in my joints and muscles. I have also had a pressure/fullness feeling on one side of my face/ear/jaw. And yesterday I noticed a semi large swollen area on one of my shins. It is not sore, nor can I recall anything happening to cause it. I have also had trouble falling asleep, and then when I do sleep, even if I sleep in I am still so tired that I feel as if I haven't slept at all.Any help would be wonderful. Oh yeah, i am a 31 year old female stay at home mom.

Wiktor (victor) said...

dear 31 y.o. mom. responding quite late, not sure if you've done anything yet. it could be serious, but needs to be seen by someone. hope you're able to access healthcare somehow.

Only information said...

Ischemic heart disease is a medical condition described by sporadic or restricted blood flow through arteries in the heart muscle. These arteries cannot carry sufficient oxygen to several areas of the body supplied by such blood vessels. Coronary artery or heart disease is the name given to this condition and can also result into a heart attack. This disease is known to be a silent killer as millions of people have narrow arteries in their heart and are unaware about the fact.